Versatility Hit A Whole New Level

As I have learned while traveling across Europe this past month, you never know when or if you will have time to change in-between all the hustle and bustle. I've discovered that versatility is key; outfits that can be worn from work, to class, and then to a night out downtown are gifts from the angels. It's important to get your daily Fitbit steps in, but shoulder-diving down 10 blocks, through seas of people to get your backpack for your class in 15 minutes seems a bit excessive. Fortunately, there are brilliant minds in this world who have discovered the solution to our hectic lives.

JoJo Handbags have not only hit the jackpot on ethical production, but they can transform as well as a Optimus Prime. For example, the BECCA bag is known as the "Queen of Multitasking". This lovely lady can go from a messenger bag, fitting a laptop perfectly, to a medium sized handbag, AND into a backpack. We all live colorful lives with a variety of tasks on our plate, so the BECCA is the ultimate bag for busy days. 

Next, we have the DENISE. This little lady is ready to carry you through your lighter days. Going shopping, relaxing in the park, and hitting the bar scene? Take DENISE with you as the best sidekick around. She has three compartments and a zipper pocket to take care of your wallet, phone, sunglasses, keys and lipgloss. If you're hitting the trails, she can be worn around your waist. If you've been invited to a nice dinner, she transforms into a clutch. If you just need simple, throw her over your shoulder as a satchel. 

For a more sleek design, we have the HANNAH clutch and cross-body bag. This is my favorite accessory for a night out. With her beautiful patterns and vibrant colors, this classy lady can take any outfit to the point of perfection. 

Nonetheless, JoJo also provides additional styles that are all made in the USA and produced in California. This brand holds their strong ethics near and dear as they are a members of “The 100 Women Charitable Foundation” and “Women for Women International,” and also contribute to many local women’s shelters. 

Wearable support? Is there anything better?

Since supporting women and rockin' innovative fashion has never been trendier, be sure to check out JoJo's unique collection of versatile bags here!
Versatility Hit A Whole New Level Versatility Hit A Whole New Level Reviewed by Olivia Lemley on Friday, October 13, 2017 Rating: 5
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